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How much of your Valuable Time, Money and Earth Diminishing Resources are spent on hot, dirty, uncomfortable clothing? Could clothing be responsible for causing and spreading pollution, germs and sickness? Is clothing really worth all of that trouble?

Ecologically speaking, Naturism Is Better. Why?

Someone once told me that I go through a lot of trouble to go nude.
Well, here is my answer:

What does it take to go nude? Nothing! Just don't wear anything.

Then what does it take to wear clothes? Just put some on. Right?

Are we sure?

Then where does a lot of our clothing come from? How much time, money and other resources does this consume? What financial, physical and emotional effort do we put in just to keep clothes on our bodies? What trouble do we go into just to keep someone else from seeing our bodies? How does this effect our ecology? How does this affect our well being?

We plow hundreds of thousands of acres of land of grain, grass and trees under for cotton. We have worked and literally enslaved people to work these cotton fields for cotton. Why? For clothing. Cotton, because of it not being raised for food, is one of the most highly insecticide laden fields we have. Chemical fertilizers and other pollutants are added to cotton. Then we gather it with huge cotton pickin' machines that were created by farm machine companies who also plowed up land for their manufacturing companies to build and sell farm machines. Sale lots also take up land. That's a lot of trouble for clothing. But wait, there's more!

Behind curtain number two, (which was made of cotton) are the cotton mills. Yes, cotton must be turned into yarn and thread. From which is made into cloth. It is also cleaned and dyed as well. That takes lots of water and energy. See the millions of gallons of water to raise the cotton and cause a top soil run-off. The water is then run back into our streams and waterways.  The mills use water to make and dye the cloth for clothing.  See this eye opening video for more information. Also see: Water Wasting Crop

These mills are large. They take up many acres of land as well. Don't forget the "free parking" the employees are blessed with. That takes up a few acres. And we are talking about a LOT of manufacturers and mills and farms around the world. Accumulate that for acreage!

Now for the clothing manufacturers. Do the mill thing again only replace it with making clothes and using up land in other areas. These manufactures are all around the world, and many countries enslave their workers and children to make these clothes cheap! We like that because it gives us more clothing cheaply so we can feel justified and proper!

Warehouse these items. More buildings and land.

By the way, all of these items previously and after this are being hauled by large transfer trucks across the country and by ship around the world. Add that to the fuel consumption and pollution.

Now to sell these clothes. Uh-oh! I am afraid that this will step on a few toes of those people who just love to go shopping. In fact, that love has inspired more stores and parking lots and malls that take up acres! In fact, According to the 2005 census report there were approx. 47,835 shopping malls or strip malls in the USA. Everywhere from Large malls with parking lots that are larger than the malls themselves, to yard sales, people are buying and selling clothes. Expensive clothes. Cheap underwear averages to about four to five dollars each. Multiply that by God knows how many people in the United States alone, not to mention the rest of the world, and that is only underwear (made with cotton).

Whew! Tired yet?

Now we got to buy it! But wait! That stuff was not just lying around in a big store just any-ol'-way! It was packaged and labeled and yes, advertised by million dollar advertising agencies that use magazines and newspapers and TV for ads, but we won't go there this time. I'll just let you use your imagination. OK, I'll give you a hint. Trees.

Back to the stores. Packaging, more package and boxing companies who use trees and plastics to package these things and bag them. The plastic bags, as tree saving as they are, are also manufactured, using oil products and causing more pollution. See above for manufacturers.  Also see this article by National Geographic on Plastic Bags.

Now I am getting tired.

But continue we must! Now we spend hours of our precious family time going to these stores in our big cars (see manufacturers and pollutants), to buy these expensive under, and not yet mentioned, outer wear. Styles. We gotta have today's styles. More hours of buying. (Try getting your kids to re-wear your styles. Good luck.) More hundreds of dollars a year per family. Then next year, all this is out of style again! (Warning: You will find yourself repeating this paragraph for the rest of your life!)

Then we ruin our clothes at our manufacturing jobs, playing, wear and tear, and at the local laundry. Oh yeah! We got to buy clothes for different reasons. Clothes for work, play, church, casual, dress up, dancing, sleeping, vegetating in front of the TV, and swimming! Have you seen the prices of swimwear??? GASP! They are smaller than underwear and tens times as expensive! And we got to watch our weight so we can fit into these miserable sand traps. Weight programs ($$$) to fit into clothes. And if we do lose weight, we have to go back to the store and buy clothes that do fit (more time and $$$).

Now to take care of these clothes. Wash and wear. How simple. If we don't have a washing machine at home, we go to a laundry mat. (Building, parking lot, etc.) These machines (see manufacturers and stores that sells washing machines and dryers) use lots and lots of water. Precious drinking water. And that is only one machine of many in one laundry mat of many in one town! Not to mention homes with the same machines. Billions of gallons of polluted water. And of course we all just LOVE to go to a laundry mat and spend hours of quality time there and spend more money! What do towns that are going through water shortages do? Wear dirty clothes? Or allow nudity?

How many hours of our time do we spend a year deciding what to wear that day, then iron these "wash and wear" outfits, (they had better match).

Now of course, we want to impress our neighbors and friends with our clothing too. Yeah, right. They're too busy trying to impress us!

I'm sure you can think of more to add to this. Now I am tired!

Naturists however, just get up and do whatever it is people do through out the day and none of the above matters. And you say that WE go through a lot of trouble???

Now don't get me wrong here, I realize that I just gave a good economically sound reason to wear clothes. Job's and money. (We do spend billions on cleaning up pollution so pollution must be good, it gives clean up jobs) And cotton is used for more than just clothes. Clothing in itself is not wrong. It is needed for warmth and protection in the winter and for jobs that require safety standards and yes, I realize that some are allergic to the sun and need the protection. However to do all this just to hide our bodies and force others against their will to comply (as if we were slaves), is to say at the least, a lot of trouble and aggravation!

Nude is so simple, so clean, so non-polluting and so very cheap.

You know what?  I think God had it right the first time!

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